My internship at Triangle Studios:

During the educations CMD I had my internship at Triangle Studios in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. There I’ve broadened my knowledge in both my designer skills and my knowledge about Gamedesign Studions in general. I’ve met some cool people there and got to opportunity to work on some cool and fun projects.

My job description at Triangle:

My job was both 3D and 2D designer, but I’ve mostly worked on a lot of 3D projects. These projects were both 3D concepts and actual games. The 2D work I did at Triangle was manily concept work, but I did have the opportunity to work on the flash version of their game Heron (which they previously made for iPhone and the Nintendo Wii). For this game I had to put all the animations back together.

My work at Triangle:

Because of the NDA I signed before my internship I can’t tell much about the projects I’ve worked on, but they did give me permission to show some images of the projects which you can view below this article.

More info about Triangle can be found at:

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